Easy To Use

The Dog Poop Septic Tank

is designed to sit above ground

in your garden or yard.


Simply lift the lid,

put the dog poop in and shut the lid.


That's it.


The dog poop is dissolved naturally

and organically by worms.


It doesn't even smell.


(For 1-2 Dogs)

£149 inc vat

Ex Large

(For 3-5 Dogs)

£249 inc vat

100% Organic

The main reason why the Dog Poop Septic Tank works so well is due to what is inside it....​


Organic red worms and bacteria eat, break down and dissolve the dog poop.  Like that in a compost heap.


The result is a mineral rich liquid fertiliser that you can use as plant food to feed and nourish your lawn. Feed and nourish your plants. Feed and nourish your trees.


The Dog Poop Dissolver is silent. It does not smell, and the organic worms will never need to be replaced.


Because there are no moving parts in the Dog Poop septic tank it cannot break down it's also guaranteed for life.


But that's not all...

Beautiful And Natural

The Dog Poop Septic Tank is built to order, and it is produced in small batches.


At last you can now dispose of your dog poop cleanly and naturally?


No more stinky bins, bags or heaps of rotting dog poop.


Dog Poop Dissolver dissolves dog poop into safe, clean organic liquid fertiliser.


It's one of the best things ever made for dogs...


Doesn't your dog deserve one?

Available In 2 Sizes


(For 1-2 Dogs)

Ex Large

(For 3-5 Dogs)

Upgrade to extra large

at bottom of order form


1. No Smells - Organic Air Filter. Fresh, clean and 100% organic.

2. Easy To Set Up - Takes 5 Mins.

3. Maintenance Free Uses natural processes such as gravity, air pressure, bacteria and worms.

4. Very Reliable - Cannot break down

5. Strong Lid.Tamper proof lid safe for children.

6. No Emptying. Sludge eaten by organic red worms.

7. No Electricity. No Batteries - No Electric Bills.

8. Lifetime Guarantee.

Special Offer

Large Septic Tank

Was £249

Now Just

£149 inc vat

Delivery £19.99

Dog Poop Septic Tank is built to order.

Delivery is approximately 5-7 days.



Money Back Guarantee

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To Order By Phone

Please Call Jason: 01753 360102

Email: info@dogpoopseptictank.com